7 Accessories Every TikTok Cool-Girl Has In Her Room

Because the vibes are always immaculate.

POV: You’re scrolling through TikTok watching impressive dance or listening to an insane storytime but you can’t help but focus on the cool room the person has.

You know the one, the pretty bedrooms that just seem to have immaculate vibes.

Well, here’s what I’ve noticed always feature in the best rooms I see on TikTok.

First off, it does not have to be all of these things. In fact, sometimes it might be overkill to add every single element to your own room. But if you’re feeling a bit meh about your space, maybe adding one or two of these elements will help give it a new lease of life.


LED Lights

You just knew this would be on the list, didn’t you? Well, there is a reason these lights have become such a staple in so many bedrooms all over the world. The colour changing ones can help create whatever vibe you’re looking for, whether it’s a fun purple or a cool blue. Many of them are remove operated too meaning you can sit back, relax and change them whenever you feel like without even getting up! Check out our post here on where to get them and how to display them.

More Lights

Yep, string lights aren’t the only ones becoming hugely popular lately. We’re talking shaped LED lights in heart, clouds, quotes and just about everything else you can think of.

As well as this, Galaxy projects have got to be one of the biggest trends this year. The mood lights are perfect for relaxing after a super stressful day. Just try and stay mad and stressed out when you have one of these projecting to your ceiling. Chill vibes only. You can get them from Irish brands like Mood Illumination.


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Flower garlands

Whether you’re going for pretty, fresh aesthetic with a pink floral display or want jungle vibes with animal print and simple leaves, flower garlands are a super easy, and fun way to add some personality and style to your room. You can buy them on places like Amazon or Esty and display them just about whatever way you want. Check out more on where to buy them and how to display them here.


If you’re looking for something a little easier, that doesn’t require and hooks or nails, plants can add so much to a boring bedroom. You can opt for fake ones from places like IKEA if you feel like you won’t be able to keep a real one alive (hey it’s not easy!) or you can go for an easy-to-mind real plant or two. There are so many options to choose from, but adding a simple plant to a shelf or windowsill adds sophistication and colour to any space. Check out the best easy-to-mind plants here.

Photo walls

Is it a TikTok room if it doesn’t have a collage wall? Getting creative with your walls is peak TikTok, from geometric paint-jobs to mirror walls but really, a simple photo wall is probably the easiest, quickest and most personal way to decorate. We’ve got loads of suggestions on the best place to buy sets of prints, whatever your aesthetic, as well as how to do it and how to make it really personal here.

Arty candles

We’re not talking a big jar from Yankee Candles or Jo Malone (but they, those are great too!) the ultimate TikToker will have arty candles on their desk or bedside locker. We’re talking, swirly, wonky, colourful candles or bubble/bodyshapes. You can twist your own candle sticks or pick up some trendy ones from shops like Etsy.

A tidy room

Don’t hate me for adding this but it’s true… if you’re looking at a bedroom on TikTok wishing yours looked a little nicer, it might be just time for a tidy. Whether it’s putting away the big pile of clothes or tidying up your desk so you can actually use it, these things will clear your mind as well as your room. We’ve got so many tips on tidying and decorating your space, so check them out for Inspo.

So, over the weekend, give your room a lil’ tidy up and then you make have a think of which of the accessories you’d like to add to your room first!

Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space.  From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up.