7 Instagram Activities To Take Part In This Week

A little something for everyone.


One of the great things that has come out of quarantine is the support of creativity and community on social media, especially Instagram. Content creators and celebrities have been coming up with ways to keep us entertained from our homes (hence ALL of the Instagram Lives!) and it really can do the trick if you figure out which ones you’d like to get involved in.

We decided to make a list of some Instagram trends, challenges and Lives that you can take part in to spice up your week.

1. Jamie Genevieve’s week of colour:

The glamorous Jamie G has set a fun and creative makeup challenge this week for her followers, every day is inspired by a different colour and you create a look and post it showing off your creative side. There’s no pressure to do every day as she says herself, dip in and out and just do what you feel like! If you’re looking for an excuse to play around with some colourful makeup this one’s for you!

2. Louise Cooney’s Instagram Lives

Louise has organised multiple Instagram live activities one the last few weeks. Some have included makeup lessons with Aideen Kate and a session with a life coach. Her most recent schedule is in her Insta stories and includes some evening pilates on Wednesday. There’s usually something for everyone throughout the week so keep your eyes peeled.


3. Tap to Tidy

Not exactly a challenge, but Stacey Solomons Instagram is full of DIY, up-cycle and organising inspo. We guarantee if you pop on you’ll find something to revamp or craft in your house. Do the signature before and after pic on your insta story, your followers will thank you for the satisfaction.

4. Niamh Cullen’s Instagram Live

If you’re in need of some mindfulness or exercise Niamh Cullen has been doing a few live videos including Yoga and mobility that may be just what you need for relaxing change of routine. The videos can be found saved on her IGTV.

5. #7daycreativechallenge

This hashtag has been floating around newsfeeds and is a really fun idea to get involved in. The challenge is for you to engage with something creative every day of a week of your choosing. This can be anything, singing, writing, baking, drawing, DIY, makeup… anything goes. The purpose is to inspire people to keep creating and to have some fun!

6. #Howareyoureallychallenge

Celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Hailey and Justin Bieber have been taking part in this challenge which is all about mindfulness and checking in with yourself and others. It stemmed from the mental health coalition and encourages people to think about and share how they are really feeling right now, because it is a weird time for everyone. This doesn’t have to take place online, you can share by talking with your friend, your sister , your parents. Just to take a minute to know you’re not alone and your feelings are all okay.

7. Florence Pugh’s cooking videos

As if Florence Pugh couldn’t get any cuter, she has been making a series of cooking videos on her instagram stories and are all saved in her highlights. The chatty videos are both entertaining and helpful and the food looks really delicious. If it’s your night to cook dinner, why not try one of her cook alongs.

Hopefully a few of these will keep you entertained for another week! Try clicking into one of those many live videos you see in the evening you never know what you’ll find!

Words: Jade Carpenter