7 Questions With Love Island’s Arabella Chi

We ask our fave celebs a set of nosey questions...

Recently, we caught up with the gorgeous Arabella Chi at the shoot of the latest release by LanaiBLO. Before we dived into our seven questions, Arabella filled us in on what she’s been up to in Ireland.

“At the moment I’m working with LanaiBLO. I have been using their hairdryer for a while now after I first found out about them in the hair salon that I get my hair done in. Honestly I was amazed at how quickly they dry your hair! Hair drying is the thing I hate the most so for me to find a hair dryer that blow-dries my hair in literally half the time is a blessing in disguise. Plus, it’s personalised. Anything that’s personalised is a dream for me.”

Question Time!

Tell us one thing you’re super passionate about?

One thing I’m passionate about right now is, well, I’m really trying to work on my Instagram at the moment. Because I feel like for me it’s something I can run along the side my modeling, which I’ve been doing for 10 years, so I’m passionate about building a business through that and I’m working hard on it right now.

Who’s your ultimate celeb crush?

Jason Momoa, he is a dream boat. Let’s be honest!

Describe your first kiss in three words.

My first kiss? Sloppy, messy, and rank! (laughs)

What’s your ultimate beauty secret?

The LanaiBLO! Because it just makes my hair so sleek.

Let us in on the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you?

When I was modeling I fell over in front of probably 4,000 people on a catwalk. Probably every model’s worst nightmare! A horror story.

What would be your dream job? Is it something similar to what you’re doing now?

I absolutely love what I’m doing right now. I’ve been modeling over 10 years now and I feel like I’ve never really worked a day in my life because I love what I do, building relationships and working with brands that I love.

If you could give one piece of advice to your 16 year old self, what would it be?

Easy, don’t listen to others!