7 Questions With Miriam Mullins

"In 5 years time, I'd love to have my own house with my boyfriend Tiaan"

We ask some of our favourite celebrities and influencers pressing questions to find out everything you want to know. We take one for the team and get nosey, probing for some seriously cheeky and cringy info with our seven rapid-fire questions, and this time it’s influencer Miriam Mullin’s turn.

Here’s what she had to say while in the hot seat.

What’s one thing you’re passionate about right now?

I suppose it’s making content really. I love being creative with the content I put out, it’s so much fun and constantly new and exciting. There are new things trending on social media every single week so each day is different for me.

Who is your ultimate celeb crush?

That’s a good one, I’d have to say Matthew McConaughey I actually love him, and Gerard Butler too is a close second! I was never really into boybands like One Direction and that I was always into actors in my favourite movies.

Describe your first kiss in 3 words?

To be honest, I barely remember it! All I can recall is that I was in 6th class in primary school and it was during a game of truth or dare – so my three words would have to be ‘truth or dare’.

Tell us a random fact about yourself!

The first that comes into my head is that I literally cannot function without coffee. Like first thing in the morning, I make myself a coffee and cannot start my day until I have it. There’s an Irish coffee brand called Badger and Dodo and oh my God I’m obsessed!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

I recently left my mobile on the roof of my car and it ended up smashing, even though no one saw it I was still so embarrassed, I even made a video about it.

Who are the people you look up to most?

Number 1 is my Dad, then very random but Sandra Bullock she’s very inspiring, and then probably Freddie Mercury.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I’d love to have my own house with Tiaan, my boyfriend, most likely in Ireland. It would also maybe be nice to be married by then, I’ll be around 29/30 by then so it seems like a nice age to get married. Then of course travelling and seeing more places around the world that I’d love to see. But of course just being healthy and happy comes before everything else.