7 Questions With Singer Thomas Headon

Howling at his most embarrassing moment, tbh...


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We ask some of our favourite celebrities and influencers pressing questions to find out everything you want to know. We take one for the team and get nosey, probing for some seriously cheeky and cringy info with our seven rapid-fire questions, and this time it’s singer Thomas Headon.

Thomas just dropped his new single ‘Strawberry Kisses’ and just announced his brand new EP, Victoria, due 11th March 2022. Having built an incredibly loyal fanbase over lockdown and amassing 100K followers on Instagram, Thomas’ blend of playful alternative pop has been compared to the likes of the 1975’s Matty Healy, and critically praised by Triple J, naming him a “seriously impressive force in pop music”.

But not only that, Thomas will also be touring with none other than Sigrid in 2022! So of course, we wanted to get to know him that bit better with our round of quick-fire questions.


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What’s one thing you’re passionate about right now?

Definitely playing live. It’s always been so much fun, but especially after so long. So that’s what I’m really passionate about right now.

Who is your ultimate celeb crush?

I’m one of those guys that have so many celebrity crushes, I almost forget who when I’m asked this question! But I’m gonna say Madison Beer.

Describe your first kiss in 3 words?

Emmm… Too much mouth!


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Tell us a random fact about yourself!

I can name any plane in the sky. I’m a big plane guy, it’s my party trick. I can tell the model of the plane even when it’s up in the sky.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

Off the top of my head, it would have to be when I realised that after I played my first show that my fly was down the whole time. I’m quite jumpy on stage too, so that didn’t help and was quite embarrassing.

Who are the people you look up to most?

I’m a big 1975 fan, and probably Beethoven. Love him.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

Hopefully on a beach in the Maldives, with multiple houses and 25 Grammys. Let’s aim high!