8 Sustainable Fashion Influencers You Need To Know About

Thrift your way to style.

Remember the days of getting your older siblings hand-me-downs and let’s be real… you wanted something brand new? Well in 2020 the opposite is true. Vintage clothing, thrift shops, charity shops and swap shops are all trending and they are here to stay! We have found some of the best influencers who promote sustainable clothing, and trust us the style is amazing!

Keelin Moncrieff
The ‘anti-blogger blogger’ is an advocate for all things sustainable. With her interest in vintage clothing markets, she also shares her journey with veganism, and of course, offers up some incredible style ideas.


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Molly Parsons
In her podcast Molly’s Minutes, she talks all things sustainable and climate-related. This gorgeous gal has an amazing style and gives us lots of inspo for vintage outfit ideas!


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Sustainable Fashion Dublin
Founded by Taz Kelleher and Geraldine Carton, these gals strive for sustainability. They host flea markets whereby anyone can apply to set up a stall. They also hold swap shops around Ireland, so keep an eye out for their next one, because the tickets won’t last long!


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Tara Stewart

If you’re a creative gal who loves a bit of DIY, Irish radio DJ Tara is your next Insta follow. She’s known for creating unique looks with a combination of altering, painting and plenty of confidence. Yes please!

Eva Goes Thrifting
Eva shares her journey of breaking up with fast fashion. This thrift store babe makes it possible to shop secondhand and still keep up with fashion trends!


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Australian eco-stylist Alex Van Os is striving to change the course of fast fashion.

The Vintage Twin
Founded in 2009 by twins Morgan and Samantha Elias, they rework designs and create funky new ones for their website. Plus 10% of their proceeds go to charity – we are on board!


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Passing Whimsies
For those who love the quirky/chic look, then get following Lauren! She prides herself on being sustainable and strives to educate her followers on the subject.


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Words By: Alannah Hanley