7 Ways To Help Your Parents Treat You As An Adult

It may take time, but these tips will certainly help.

The majority of us are all aware of how frustrating it can be when you’re getting older, but your parents or guardians still treat you like a child. You feel like you’re ready to be treated as an adult, but they’re not on the same wavelengths, so in turn, you’re feeling frustrated, not trusted or not respected. The truth is, you’re always gonna be their child, whether you’re literally a child or 40 years of age.

But, in saying that, there are a few things that you can do to help your parents treat you that bit more like an adult. It may take a bit of time, but these 7 tips will definitely help in the long run.

Communicate with them

It isn’t always easy to communicate your thoughts and feelings, with anyone. But if you do share what’s going on with your parents, rather than hiding things or keeping situations to yourself, it can help grow your relationship. This pretty much goes for any kind of relationship, whether it’s someone in your family, friends, or a boyfriend or girlfriend.

If there’s something going on, or you’re feeling as if you want to talk to someone about something, turn to your parents. You don’t have to give all the details straight away if you don’t want to, if it’s nothing serious, talking through things will help. But it doesn’t always have to be something big, even chatting with them about your day, the TV show you’re watching, whatever it may be, can always help too.

Listen to them 

Much like communicating with your parents or guardians, it’s just as important to listen to them. And we mean really listen to them. Rather than nodding along mindlessly, actually take in what they’re saying. Even if they’re criticising you over studying, try to see their point of view and where they’re coming from. You can show that you’re taking their opinion on board, rather than arguing over small things.

Even if you’re not agreeing with what the person is saying, listening to their side of things and trying to see where they’re coming from is showing respect, and your parents/guardians will appreciate that.

Show initiative 

Showing initiative is important in so many aspects, and when you’re living at home it can be pretty simple. Rather than waiting to be told to do something, like emptying the dishwasher or getting your homework finished, decide to do it off your own merits.

You’re proving that you’re no longer a child in that you don’t have to be told what to do each and every day, that you know the right things to do off your own back. Even if it is just housework! I think this is a pretty big one, because it shows that you’re getting older and your parents will appreciate it too.

Take responsibility 

This also comes from showing initiative, but taking responsibility for things can be shown in different ways. Like taking the responsibility for your own washing up, rather than leaving a parent to do it. Or if you know you’ve done something wrong, and taking responsibility for your actions.

It can sometimes be easier not to, but that’ll just keep you in the parent and child relationship for longer than you’d like. Taking responsibility for different things is a great way to help your parents treat you as an adult.

Keep your cool

Of course, we all lose our temper from time to time. But, not losing your temper or arguing with your parents over small things is one sure way to help them to see you’re not a child anymore. Even if you’re arguing, keep calm and talk through things, getting annoyed isn’t going to help you, or your parents.

If you’re feeling stressed out or worked up over something, it can be easy to take this out on those who are closest to you, so try these tips to help yourself remain calm when you’re feeling stressed.

Stay in contact 

It’s natural for your parents to be worrying when you’re out and about, especially when it’s past the time you said you’d be home. Keep in contact with them every now and again when you’re out. A simple text to let them know you’ll be home soon, or what you’re doing.

If you feel like your parents are checking up on you too much, one way to help with this is to check in with them first. Let them know what’s going on and keep them in the loop. Reassure them that you’re able to be trusted, it might take a while, but it’ll happen, don’t worry!

Have fun with them 

Lastly, one other way of helping your parents to see you as more of an adult is to have fun with them. Treat them as an adult too, instead of your mam, dad, or guardian. Find something that you both enjoy, whether it’s looking around the shops, trying out a new lunch spot, checking out the latest films in the cinema.

Enjoy your time together, it’ll help a lot in improving your relationship as you get older too.


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