7 Websites That Will Help You With School At Home

Need some extra support while working from home?

We bet you never thought you’d be attending school in your bedroom/sitting room? Covid-19 has meant that lots of things have changed and that we need to adapt in the best way possible.

Schooling from home is one thing that many teens have to adapt to, and something that may not be as easy as you may have thought. Hopefully, your teachers are available to help you during school hours via email, video recordings and video chat.

If you’re in an exam year, you might this time particularly tricky and you may be looking for some extra help.

Thankfully, the internet is home to lots of great websites that can give you some extra help during this time.

Top Tip: Make sure the sites are Irish or Irish-focused. There is no point learning a maths equation that actually isn’t part of the school cirriculum, after all!


Ag iarraidh cúnamh le Gaeilge? Úsáid Téarma.ie. The best place to check on your spelling or wording in Irish is this website. Need to add some impressive words to your essay? Or struggling with a sentence in your poetry? Head to Tearma.ie


If you’re currently doing Shakespeare, chances are you’ve already visited Sparknotes. It’s a great resource for quotes, summaries of tricky chapters, character breakdowns, themes and all the rest. Ideal for when you’re struggling to make sense of Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, and it just breaks it down into modern English.


This website is exactly what the name suggests. Perfect for those of you taking biology who need an extra hand. If you’re good at learning visually, via posters and colourful images, this is a site for you.


This site covers pretty much all the main subjects. It has Leaving Cert and Junior Cert exam paper questions and marking schemes listed by topic. And includes videos, a hand ‘exam builder’, discussion posts and loads more. Perfect if you aren’t quite sure of something and want to check somewhere reputable online.


This site pretty much does what it says on the tin and acts as an aid to your studying. It has so many different subjects on it so if you need help with anything from Home Ec to Art, this site provides a breakdown of past papers, the topics you need to cover and external links too for even more help. It also has a handy section with helpful details about stress, bullying and filling out your CAO. You can use many of the pages for free but some do need a premium account which you can sign up for.


For many people, maths is one of the trickiest and most hated subjects. So it’s likely you might want a bit of help in this area, especially if you’re not in school at the minute. This is ideal for exam years as it has exam prep and techniques, video lessons, plus online interactive support. It’s a membership required site, but you can do a free trial first to see how you get on.


If you’re doing French in school, it can be tempting to head to Google Translate for a shortcut. Don’t do it! Yes, it can act as a translator for the odd word, but it’s not totally reliable, so it’s best to stick with a trusted site like Frenchnotes.ie. It has everything you might need from support for the postcard, email and diary entry, plus grammar and expression tips, and samples for you to use while studying.

If you’re struggling with school work at the minute, make sure to let your parents or guardian know so that you can work together with them and your teachers to improve the situation.

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