8 Easy Halloween Costumes Anyone Can Put Together

Whether you're in a group, a couple or going solo.

Halloween is going to look a little different this year. The COVID-19 guidelines still ask people to keep their distance and only have one other household over at a time. These necessary restrictions don’t leave much room for Halloween events or fancy dress parties. But whether you’re having a close friend over for a movie marathon, getting the family together for a little party or having an epic zoom fancy dress with all your friends, we’ve got costume ideas for you.

These are perfect for you on your own, you and another, or a group of friends. Most of the costumes require clothes and accessories you probably already have so it doesn’t require any money or bought costume you’ll likely never wear again.



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Whether you’re having your best friend over, you’ve roped your siblings in, or you’re going it alone, you can pick any combination of the Scooby gang for a costume. And you can basically just wear your own clothes once they’re the right colour.

Check out KISS’s very own Adele take inspo from Scooby-Doo for these looks:

@kiss.ieThe whole gang is here ##foryoupage ##teamgbgames ##foryou ##fashion ##styletips ##fy ##scoobydoo ##cartoon

♬ original sound – flighthouse

Harry Potter


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You really just need your uniform for this one, and a twig that doubles as a wand! 1,2,3 Expelliarmus!

Lara Jean


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PK hive make some noise!!! #TeamPeter

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Why not go as your favourite movie, which for us RN is To All The Boys, Whether you’re going solo as Lara Jean or you can rope in a boyfriend or friend to play Peter or John, there is so much to do here and it’s so easy.

To embrace your inner Lara Jean get yourself a letter, a pen, a hairband and your cutest collared dress! Done!

Umbrella Academy


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let’s do the timewarp 🌀season 2 of the umbrella academy is now streaming.

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Much like Harry Potter, bits of your uniform will do for this one, fashion an eye mask and get up to seven people to play the Hargreeves siblings. With social distancing in place, this one is probably best for a zoom party.

Stranger Things


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Whether you want to go as El, or get a gang together as Mike and co, it’s an easy one to achieve. Series three brought us some fun 80s outfits that we can easily replicate at home with some fun shirts and colourful scrunchies.



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wassup it’s charlie

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You will need: Fun nails, a tie-dye tee, a phone with a fun case on it. Charli-inspired blue hair optional.

The Apps

Speaking of TikTok, why not get all the apps together. One can be TikTok Charli, as mentioned above, another can be Snapchat with the OTT filter and signature bright yellow, and the other can be a purple-pink hued Instagram gal.

Tiger King

A chance to wear leopard print and call it a costume? Yes please!