8 Fab Autumn Coats To Add To Your Basket RN

But... How are we supposed to choose only one?!

Okay, I have a question, is anyone else freezing already? It feels a little early, but I’ve already pulled back out some of my jumpers and tracksuits while working from home. Gone are the days of bare arms and T-shirts day in and day out.

Then again, it’s not cold enough for a proper coat while outside just yet, but a little jumper isn’t really doing it for me either. So that middle ground is where we’re at. We’re in need of an autumn coat that’s not too heavy, not too light, that doesn’t cost a fortune but will last the test of time too.

If all of your coats are just too heavy for this kind of weather, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some gorge coats that are just ideal for autumn. Happy shopping!

Black Oversized Bomber, €68 

Alexus Khaki Bomber Jacket, €38

Corduroy Collar Button Down Longline Jacket, €28 

We’re Making Progress Faux Wool Oversized Jacket, €35

Snake Print Oversized Denim Jacket, €20 

ASOS DESIGN Petite cotton pocket jacket in black, €40.99

ASOS DESIGN Petite printed brushed shacket, €76.99

ASOS DESIGN rain bomber jacket in camel, €22.99

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