8 Fashion Rules You Should Always Break

fashion rules are officially cancelled - it's time to make a statement


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You’ve heard it here first guys and gals, fashion rules are officially cancelled – it’s time to make a statement.

Your fashion choices shouldn’t be affected by something that other people say you can’t wear, but sometimes it can be easy to forget that. Fashion ‘rules’ were absolutely made to be broke. We’re firm believers that no good ever came from your comfort zone, and the biggest fashion statements never came from sticking to the rules.

So, here are the ones you should break for sure.


“You Can Never Wear Blavy”

(AKA Black and Navy)

Says WHO?! Combining these two dark colours can change the whole effect of an outfit and elevate it from dark and boring to and multi-tonal interesting.

Wearing “clashing” colours that are super similar yet different (also like pink and red) can give your look a pop and change it up to a cool and effortlessly striking outfit.


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So dump all your hangups on acceptable colour combos and don’t be afraid to change things up!


“Glitter And Glam Is For Nighttime Only”

(Sparkles can’t play at daytime)

Wrong! Glitter and sparkles have no season, weather, or time limits and are more than okay to work into your daily wardrobe, not just your party clothes.

Adding a bit of sparkle or drama into your outfit can be done with accessories or even clothing, paired with some casual pieces to be glam yet practical to go about your everyday life!

And let’s be serious – everyone loves a bit of sparkle!


“Joggers Can Only Be Worn As Active Wear”

(Skip comfy ends for anything that doesn’t involve exercise)

Not a chance!

We have all seen the super popular trend of dressing up your comfiest joggers thanks to TikTok styling videos – and this just shows that you don’t need to skip comfort to look good!


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With the right outfit styling, you can adapt almost anything in your wardrobe to suit the occasion and take it through all areas of your life from hanging out with friends to a party.

Swapping a hoodie for a cute t-shirt, adding an effortlessly cool outer layer like a blazer or denim jacket, choosing some heeled boots or pumps over runners and finishing with some of your favourite dressy accessories can take your look from casual to cool instantly.


“Don’t Mix Metals In Your Jewellery”

(You HAVE to choose gold or silver)

Please don’t!

Not only are you going to be limiting yourself by choosing to only wear either silver or gold accessories, mixing both together has a seriously gorgeous effect.

Don’t hold back on mixing up all of your accessories to create your own look – mix your favourite chunky gold jewellery with dainty silver pieces and add to pops of bright coloured accessories to work all your favourite pieces into your look.

Let all of your accessories be seen and don’t be afraid to mix up your styling – little personal touches like this can make the biggest difference to your outfit and separate you from the crowd!


“Socks Shouldn’t Be Visible”

(AKA socks with sandals/ankle socks with runners only)

One thing is for sure – this fashion rule is being completely turned around right now as wearing socks to be seen is totally trending!


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Let those who are still wearing tiny invisible socks with their runners that the time is now to rebel and stop suffering from that horrific moment when your sock starts to half slip off (ew). With socks becoming the latest accessory of the moment with some super cute styles, patterns and colours from various brands, don’t hide them away and make them a part of your outfit to be seen.

And more importantly, wear them with absolutely whatever shoes you want from heels to runners!


“Use A Belt To Cinch In A Dress to Define Your Waist”

(To create the “perfect” hourglass figure)

Or how about let’s not feel the need to have to display the outline of our bodies in every outfit we wear?

How come this rule seems to be gospel whenever we pick up a cute dress that isn’t completely form fitting? You have most definitely said it yourself or have at least heard from somebody else that a “nice belt would be lovely with that”.

This is another fashion styling tip that is definitely being broken everywhere right now with the rising popularity of TOAG (Throw On And Go) dresses that are having a serious moment. The idea of this effortless outfit choice was born thanks to the more casual, effortless and easy dressing style of the moment while lockdown restrictions have been in place – because who’s actually interested in adding unnecessarily adding uncomfortable accessories like waist-cinching belts while lounging on the couch?


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Skip the need to define your silhouette by throwing on a comfy, flowy dress and popping on your favourite shoes to complete the look – and definitely ditch the belt.


“You Need To Always Buy The Correct Size”

(And feel bad if “your” size doesn’t fit)

The truth is, clothes sizing is completely crazy – and the world knows it.

You could be a size 12 and own clothes that range from sizes 8 to a 16 depending on the style and brand of clothes. Rather than obsessing about whether or not you will be able to fit into the clothes depending on the size on the label, you need to look at clothes for what they are intended to do – fit YOU.

Regardless of what the tag says, you should be more focused on finding something that actually fits your body and not choosing based on the size it’s telling you it is. This is something that is being talked about a lot recently as people begin the ditch the hangups and stigmas that come attached to clothing sizes and the pressure to fit into them.

Also, take into consideration how you want the clothes to look on you – if you’re more of an oversized dresser then don’t be afraid to choose a size that gives you this look.

Label sizes are officially cancelled, we just want to look and feel good in our clothes!


“Dress According To Your Height/Weight/Gender”

(You have to stick to your appropriate store department)

The 1900’s called, they want their stupid rules back!

Old fashioned rules for fashion choices are being totally laughed at right now – there has ever been a time where people’s wardrobes have looked so amazing.

As a society we have completely kissed these terribly confining rules goodbye, and they won’t be coming back any time soon. Whoever you are and whatever you look like, there are no rules that can determine the way you look when you step outside. And the truth is, it’s making the best waves.

Short girls in floor length dresses? Gorgeous. Plus-sized gals rocking whatever they want? Amazing. Guys owning florals and cute pastels? Perfection.


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If there’s anything to come from these past few years where so much is changing, it’s the power and encouragement to give fashion rules the middle finger and strut your stuff in whatever it is that you like. So stray away from the specified departments for “appropriate dressing” and go and pick up whatever you like.


Words by Kaia Purcell