8 Female-Fronted Irish Acts You Should Know About

There is no shortage of talented Irish women in the industry.


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Everyone loves music, and the best thing about music is that there are so many different types, meaning that everyone can find something they love.

But sometimes the popularity of UK and US acts can make us forget about talented artists much closer to home.

There are countless amazing Irish acts, big and small, making music right now. What’s more is that there so many talented women singing, playing instruments, forming bands and writing songs.

Sometimes we see festival lineups, or even at-home concert events, it can seem like there are only really male artists in Ireland, when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are so many amazing Irish women making amazing music in Ireland, here are just eight of them.


Who: Pop duo Ellen O Mahony and Carla Ryan have been writing and singing together since they were 15, and together they formed the band ELKIN. From Meath and Kildare, the Irish band is a perfect alt-pop/folk group.

Listen to:  DIY. Released in October, it’s the perfect song to give you a sense of the band and you’ll find yourself adding it to your favourites once the chorus hits.


Soda Blonde

Who: Four of the original Little Green Cars members got together to form Soda Blonde, including powerhouse vocalist Faye O’Rourke. The band have been working together since they were teens and last year they decided to head in a new direction with Soda Blonde. It’s alt-pop with a touch of electronic sound.

Listen to: Don’t Mind Them. Released back in November, Don’t Mind Them shows off Faye’s seriously broad vocal ability.


Pillow Queens

Who: A four-piece Dublin rockband comprised of Sarah Corcoran, Rachel Lyons, Cathy McGuinness, Pamela Connolly. The indie rock band have been going since 2016 and they’re getting bigger and better all the time.

Listen to:  Brothers. Warning: If you’ve got a brother (even one that annoys you a lot) this song and video may leave you in tears but in a really special, powerful way!


Wveryn Lingo

Who: A three-piece from Bray consisting of Caoimhe Barry, Karen Cowley and Saoirse Duane. They’ve been friends since they were kids but eventually channelled their love of music into an incredible band. They’re a mix of folk, R’N’B and rock and they have amazing voices.

Listen to:  I Love You Sadie. This song perfectly shows off their mixed style as well as their unique vocal harmonies. Not to mention it’s super catchy and gorgeous.


Who: Loah aka Sallay Matu Garnett, grew up between Maynooth and West Africa. She refers to her music as “ArtSoul” a unique blend of her cultural roots, soul sounds, classical training and a variety of instruments. It’s perfect summer music to get you dancing in your garden.

Listen to:  Nothing. A fun, big song that will get you up off your feet.


When Young

Who: Whenyoung is an Irish 3-piece band, with Aoife Power at front and centre. Aoife, Andrew Flood and Niall Burns are from Limerick and the Irish accent comes through beautifully in the songs, which we love to see.

Listen to:  The Others. A big, catchy emotive song that will have you screaming along. The band revealed that The Others was written after the Grenfell Tower fire in London, when Aoife was working for a gardening company that served clients in this area, some of whom were influential politicians. “The juxtaposition between the safe homes of these politicians and the burning towerblock streets away were startling and upsetting. Living in safety should not be a luxury.”


Denise Chaila

Who: Another Limerick lady, originally from Zambia, is Denise Chaila. She’s a hip-hop and spoken word artist with catchy and smart lyrics and slick beats.

Listen to: Copper Bullet. For the best taste of her talents, Copper Bullet has it all, a catchy but unique sound, along with brilliant rap.


Erica Cody

Who: Erica has been singing since she was just three and started writing songs as just seven. If you like smooth 90s RnB and Pop, like TLC or Aaliyah you’ll love the Dubliner’s modern update of this sound.

Listen to: Good Intentions. A nostalgic pop song with a catchy chorus, that gives you an idea of what kind if tunes Erica produces.

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