9 Rachel Green Outfits That Prove She Was The Ultimate Style Queen

From loungewear looks to the best mini skirts.

Ah Friends, you’ll watch it 600 times and still spot a new detail or fun fact every time.

One thing we’ve noticed more and more after every watch is just how iconic Rachel Green’s style is.

From mini skirts to cute tees and where do we even start with all the gorge hairstyles?

We’ve rounded up 9 times her outfits were something we would wear right this second.

That plaid skirt

I feel like this is probably the outfit that is most used in reference to Rachel’s fab style, but tbh, it totally makes sense. That cute plaid mini-skirt paired with a slightly cropped cream jumper? Yes please.


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Loungewear love

When we think of Rachel, we do mostly think of cute dresses and mini skirts, but this look is the closest thing to something we’d wear right now. Maybe a year ago, this look wouldn’t have even made the cut but it’s so perfect for WFH/LFH or general weekend lounging.

I dunno about you but I’m off to buy some beige sweatpants!


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Every dungarees outfit ever

Rachel was no stranger to overalls, whether it was in full jean form, dress or short form, they always looked super cute with a cropped tee or polo neck underneath.

Formalwear ftw

When she’s not wearing the coolest casual looks, Rachel sure knew how to step it up into a glamourous evening look. The gal knew how to rock a slip dress in a statement colour. Oh to have something to wear this too right now!

And basically, just every cropped tee and mini skirt look over the 10 years!


Now, I’m off to buy some new clothes…