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Here’s Why Schools Need To Do More On Period Education

It's time to end stigma and increase education.


Two New Faces Are Joining S2 Of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

You'll probably recognise the new stars.


Zoe Sugg Speaks Out About Being Dropped From School Curriculum

"These media articles are just perpetuating the fact that female pleasure is something that we should feel ashamed of."


Meet The Singing, Acting, Dancing Teens Of Stage School

6 teens on why they started stage school, how it changed their lives and how COVID is affecting their passion.

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7 Websites That Will Help You With School At Home

Need some extra support while working from home?


Style School With KISS – 4 Fashion Hacks You Need To Try

You'll wish you knew them sooner!

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Tipperary Secondary School Wins Award For Accessibility Project

The project aims to tackle the misuse of parking spaces designated for disabled people.


Stormzy Gave A Dublin School The First Look At His New Music Video

"I think it’s important that you guys understand how powerful you are...”


6 Ways To Accessorise Your School Uniform (That Won’t Get You In Trouble)

From pins to hair slides

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5 Ways To Wind Down After Your School Day

How is it only the first full week?!

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