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You Never Forget Your First KISS…

VIP Publishing is delighted to announce the return of the KISS brand, this time as a digital-first product with planned special print editions. KISS.ie is a one-stop destination for Irish teenage girls, building on the ten plus years the magazine supported and informed its devoted audience since 2002.

KISS focuses on all the things that teenagers need and want to know about – fashion, beauty and celebrity as well as health, wellness, social and local issues, real lives, family, relationships and personal problems, as well as fun tutorials, quizzes and lots more.

KISS is THE online destination for Irish girls of secondary school age. While many things have changed in the world since KISS’ heyday in the Noughties, lots hasn’t – young women still deal with periods, school stress, self-confidence, indentity all with the added complications brought on by the digital world we live in.

KISS is a safe space that’s fun, informative and most importantly, totally relatable.

Think of it as your big sis’, KISS!


Who’s Who:

♥ Megan Roantree, Editor (Megan@KISS.ie)

♥ Adele Miner, Staff Writer (Adele@KISS.ie)
♥ Amie Edmonds, Staff Writer (Amie@KISS.ie)
♥ Hannah Hillyer, Weekend editor

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TikTok (@KISS.ie)