Addison Rae Admits She’d Like To Be Married By Next Year

The TikTok star turns 21 this year.


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Addison Rae may be single as far as we know, but that doesn’t stop her from making some serious plans about her future.

The TikTok star split from her boyfriend Bryce Hall in March of this year and has been linked to the likes of Jack Harlow and Logan Paul in recent weeks.

However, other than a playful kiss at the MTV Movie Awards with costar Tanner Buchanan, it seems that Addison isn’t exactly in a relationship right now.

While speaking to Hailey Bieber on her podcast ‘Who’s In My Bathroom’ she shared her hopes and wishes for the future and where she sees herself in 10 years.

Addison said that she’ll be “hopefully starring in many more films to come after He’s All That is released.”

When Hailey asked her if she’d like to be married, Addison revealed she hopes to be very soon!

“I do love love,” Addison said.

“I’m a hopeless romantic. So I’ll hopefully be married. Hopefully, I’ll be married like next year.”

Hailey responded by making a face before remembering that she married Justin Bieber at 21.

“You’ll be invited,” Addison promised.