Aideen Kate And Keilidh Cashell Set Off On Irish Road Trip Together

Staycations are the new vacations!

Is there anything better than a weekend away with your bestie? Aideen Kate and Keilidh Cashell have done exactly that, as well as both bringing their boyfriends along. So cute!

Seeing as staycations are the new vacations the foursome went to Doolin, Co. Clare for the first stop on their Irish road trip. They stayed in a beautiful cottage with stunning views and it seems like they properly chilled out for a couple of nights.

The pair said that they hadn’t really been doing many activities, just lots of relaxung as well as driving around to see the sights which tbh, sounds like our dream holiday setup.


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Whilst they were there they of course visited the Cliffs of Moher and took in the views before heading back to their cottage to relax which Aideen did with style.

The next most important part of a holiday is obviously the food! Aideen and Keilidh made plenty of stops along their road trip for snacks including sambos from Hugo’s, they raved about the homemade fudge from Moher Cottages and of course slush puppies.

The net stop on their trip was Westport in Co. Mayo where they stayed in another adorable cottage and were greeted with fresh scones and jam. It seems their Air B and B was pretty remote as Aideen said on Instagram it’s; “in the middle of absolutely nowhere.”

We’re pretty jealous of their trip so far and we’re thinking we need to get booking our own Irish staycation. Keilidh made a valid point that it’s so important to be supporting Irish at the moment;

“I’m having so much fun travelling around Ireland, this is 100%something I need to do more.”

“Theres just so much to see and it’s so good to be able to pump money back into Ireland and local businesses.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Now off to book our own trip…