Aimée Just Shared An Honest Post About Grief And Anxiety

The singer lost her mam two years ago.


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Sometimes Instagram can give us the impression that everyone is doing brilliantly. It can see like everyone is happy all the time and that their life is better than yours.

This is why singer-songwriter Aimée’s latest post was so refreshing.

The star opened up about anxiety and grief and how these feelings can come out of nowhere, even after good days.

Aimée’s mother sadly passed away two years ago, and she shared an important reminder about how grief can affect you.

Sharing two snaps, one where she is happy and one where she is sad, she explained how it’s important to be honest about our feelings.

“The first picture was the night before. The second was the morning after. I was originally only posting the first picture… but then I remembered how down I was the following morning… and I just asked myself ‘what am I trying to prove here posting this picture?’” she explained.


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She went on to explain how instead of ignoring the sad feelings, she let it happen and reached out to her sister to talk about it.

“I went to bed that night feeling very happy & relaxed and excited to wake up the next day to be super productive & motivated. The next day came and I was completely riddled with anxiety, hurt & emotions that it just literally took over my whole body. I spent the day crying, texting my sister Nikki feeling (very sorry for myself 😂) reading old text messages from my Mam and got absolutely zero work done. I just allowed myself to just have that moment and decided I wasn’t going to swallow it down again for another day.”

The ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’ singer explained how allowing herself to feel these things felt like a weight off her shoulders.

“That evening I felt like I lost about 2 stone off my shoulders. I have been carrying it around for weeks trying to convince myself that I’ll feel happy if I just keep moving and keep busy. Truth is , I get anxious days which can be very lonely when you feel like nobody understands this. I miss my Mam like crazy and sometimes it’s just good to let yourself have a good ass cry.”

She went on to explain why she shared this with her followers on social media.

“I’m posting this picture today in case any of you have one of these days. My advice to you is to allow yourself to have it. Reach out to someone and tell them how you feel. No matter how silly / crazy you feel. Reach out and talk to someone. You will feel INSTANT relief. And just be kind to yourself! We are all humans with our own shit. Let’s stop trying to live up to the “perfect life” and accept our lives for exactly what we have, and just make the most of it!”

We love this advice from Aimée and totally agree!

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