All The Best Things To Do This Midterm Break

2 whole weeks of fun!

The mid-term is here! Time to relax and forget about school for a couple of weeks. Does anyone else feel like it couldn’t come at a better time?

But with mid-term, comes figuring out what to do. Actually making plans with friends and figuring out what to do can be such a pain, every plan you’ve thought of goes out of your head and you’re scrambling for ideas.

So, to ensure that you enjoy yourself this midterm we’ve come up with a list for you and your besties to work through.

Concerts & Events

This mid-term is packed with loads of concerts, events, and movies to go and see if you’re stuck for plans.

Towards the end of the mid-term, Dua Lipa is playing the 3Arena – keep an eye out for people reselling their tickets online and you could get lucky and nab one for yourself.

If musical theatre is more your thing, then you probably know all about CHICAGO in the Bord Gais but if you didn’t, it’s here all month! So snap up some tickets while they’re still available and paint the town with your friends.

If there happens to be a rainy day over the mid-term and you fancy a trip to the cinema, we got you covered too. Here are some movies to go and see during your time off.

  • The Batman
  • Morbius
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
  • The Lost City

Plan a Sleepover

Something super fun you and your friends can do over the mid-term is to plan the perfect sleepover! It’s the best time to do it because you’re all free from school stress for a few weeks (hopefully). Getting all your besties together for a fun-packed night is the perfect way to kick off the midterm. Get your guide to the best sleepover ever here!

Vlog a fun day with friends

This may not be for everyone but if it seems like something you and your friends could do then why not?

Plan a day out, doing whatever you and a few friends like to do, and set it up like a vlog that you can post to Youtube or TikTok. You can either do a quick day in the life for TikTok with some fun clips of what you got up to that day. You can plan funny clips to add in and if you want you can even pop in a voiceover to chat through any fun times.

Or if you want to flesh it out a little more you could do an Emma Chamberlain-style vlog and mesh together aesthetic clips from your day, with some funky music over the montage. Either way, it’s something fun and different to do with friends, and great to look back on in time to come too.


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Enter our MUA search

Something a little different that is guaranteed to keep you busy for a day or two over your mid-term is to work on a look that you can use to enter our KISS x essence cosmetics MUA Of The Year.

If you have a love for makeup and think you could be the next MUA of the year, spend some time over the next week showing off your skills and get posting on Insta. The closing date is the 29th of April so that gives you plenty of time to think of a show-stopping entry look.

For more information on what you will win to our impressive judges’ lineup, click here.

Go to Tayto Park 

Hopefully, there will be at least one day of sun over the two weeks off, and if there is, Tayto Park is where to head!

Get a group of besties together and head out to the theme park, you certainly won’t be bored as it’s jam-packed with fun things for you and your friends to do. They’ve just opened a new attraction so you just have to go and check that out. With things like rollercoasters, climbing walls and a zoo, it’s nearly guaranteed you and your besties will have so much fun and basically spend the whole day laughing. We would recommend booking in advance though, with the mid-term we can expect it to be very busy pretty much every day.

Head to a museum 

This is not only a perfect option for any art or history lover but also a great place for some Insta pics. The great thing about Ireland is that our museums are free, you can just walk in during opening hours and explore for as long as you like. Some places require a pre-booking (which is also free) so be sure to check out where you’re heading beforehand.

But if museums don’t really seem like your vibe, you can skip the art and instead use it as the perfect venue for a mini shoot for your feed. You and your bestie can get glam one day and head in, if you’re feeling a little extra you can bring some props to amp up the pics, look on Pinterest for inspiration and see how you get on!

Written by Sadhbh O’Hara