Amandla Stenberg’s Favourite Cleanser Is Just €7

And you can probably get it in your local chemist.


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While we adore playing around with lots of different products of all price range, there is something so refreshing about seeing a celeb use an affordable brand.

Amandla Stenberg recently took part in Vogue’s beauty routine series which sees celebs talk us through their beauty and skincare in front of the mirror.

And we were delighted to see the Where Hands Touch star using very affordable products.

Amandla keeps it simple, starting her routing by putting her face in ice-cold water. *shivers*. Apparently it’s a good way to bring down puffiness and redness.

When it comes to products, the 21-year-old loves the brand Cera Ve, which is an affordable one you can get in most chemists.

“I’m very basic with my skincare,” they admit.

The first product is the Cera Ve Hydrating Facial Cleanser

You can get in online in loads of places like LookFanstastic and Boots and maybe even in your local chemist. It’s currently on sale in some places for only €7.


Sticking to Cera Ve, Amandla then uses their Moisturising Lotion which is around €8.


Amandla goes on to show viewers how to achieve box braids and a smokey eye. Honestly do not deserve them.



Just a quick note that Amandla has expressed a preference in using they/them pronouns and KISS aims to respect this!











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