Amber Gill On How Molly-Mae’s Recent Comments Are ‘Very Damaging’

“To say we all have a level playing field is very damaging."


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We’ve all heard about Molly-Mae’s interview on ‘Diary Of A CEO’ podcast, where she came under fire for her comments on success.

At the time, Molly shared: “It gave me a platform, yeah it elevated me but the things I’ve done now are not because of Love Island, they’re because of me and what I decided to do and my work ethic.

This is the same interview where Molly Mae spoke about how we all have the same 24 hours in a day, a comment which some felt was unfair given the privileges Molly Mae has.

Now, fellow Love Island contestant Amber Gill, who came first on the show with Greg O’Shea in the same season, has shared how Molly’s recent comments are ‘very damaging’.

Speaking about it in a Q&A on YouTube, Amber shared: “Do I believe that we all have the same 24 hours in a day? The short answer is no. What I will say is I don’t believe in inciting hatred, trolling, or just jumping on anyone in the public eye… I don’t want to add fuel to that fire.

“However, do I think we all have the same 24 hours? I just don’t. Because I come from a mixed-race background and I can see different perspectives I don’t have that view.”


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Amber then added: “Social inequality is a massive thing whether its race, gender, sexual orientation, anything like that. To say we all have a level playing field is very damaging.

“I know that I’m a very lucky human being. I fell into Love island because I’m deemed ‘attractive’, which is luck… Obviously, you’ve got to be deemed attractive on Love Island, you have to have people liking you, which is luck.”

Continuing, Amber shared, “Not everyone is as fortunate as me showing my story, my personality and giving me air time. I was lucky with that. I was lucky in the fact that I won, I was lucky that people wanted to follow me…

“I’m not saying it’s not hard work to get where you are even in this industry because it does and it clearly does take determination but it’s very damaging to say we all have the same 24 hours because we definitely don’t.”

Amber then spoke about how a person’s access to things can drastically change their outcome. “For me, I’m in a position where I can get on a flight to Dubai or get on a flight to London. I can buy cameras, tripods and clothes and do all these things that make it easier for me to get a step ahead of that other people do not have the access to do.

“So it’s not really fair to say we all have the same 24 hours. Essentially, technically everyone has 24 hours in a day, but do we have the same access to the same things that help us in the job?”

Continuing, she added, “Even if it’s supportive parents, or even having parents or having a place to live, not having to choose between your heating or feed your kids, or affording clothing or education, or just being able to afford everything to live a good standard of life.

“It’s such a difficult topic of conversation and do I think Molly meant any harm or malice? No. There is some truth in what she’s saying that all Love Islanders have the same 24 hours to do what they need to do, fair enough. But everyone across the world, no, Most definitely not. That’s just my opinion.”


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Molly-Mae has recently spoken out about her recent comments and apologised for them, sharing;

“I completely appreciate that things can affect different people in different ways however I just want to stress that I would never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything that I say or do.”

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