An Expert Shares Their Top Tips For Second Hand Shopping And Styling

Second-Hand September isn't over just yet!

Although Second Hand September is drawing to an end that doesn’t mean we can’t bring all the things we’ve practiced over the last month into the rest of the year.

As we know, fast fashion is hugely damaging to our planet, and so many people are changing their habits when it comes to clothes and shopping. First on their agenda is usually second-hand shopping and styling up old clothes.

If you’re keen to dip your toe into slower fashion, we caught up with Thriftify’s ‘Thrift Off’ winner, Jennifer Brady who knows a thing or two about second-hand style.

Here are her top tips for shopping and styling second-hand.

Host Swap Parties
“I would always suggest people to swap clothes with friends or attend local swap shop events. Have a sleepover where a few friends come over and bring a selection of clothes they don’t want or need anymore and get swapping or get shopping your own wardrobe and dig things out that you haven’t worn in ages.”

Style With Purpose
“If you want to pull a good look together with thrifted clothing, I would always start with your favourite item and work around that. Blazers have always been one of my top items and I would choose that first pick the Colours I liked from the blazer and create my look from there.”

Look Out For Materials
“Look out for sustainable materials when shopping. A lot of people don’t realise that certain synthetic materials like polyester do not biodegrade so they will just pile up in landfill forever.”Image preview

Fix Or Mend
“Just because a size is too big or too small, don’t rule it out. Alterations can fix this problem. A dress can be taken in or let out, hems can be taken up or swatches of material can be stitched in or taken out. The local tailors are so handy for mending or altering vintage clothes to get the look you want.”

Shop Your Wardrobe
“Have regular sort-outs of your Wardrobe, sorting into colours, items, and seasons. This will help working out what you need on your next thrifty shopping trip and see what you have already rather than feeling the need to buy new.” Image preview

Shop Smart
“When shopping for preloved items always ask yourself “can I wear this for more than one occasion or season” I try to see longevity in items, for example, can I wear this as I transition from autumn winter? Can I dress this up or down? Is the quality going to last a few wears? When I’ve had my wear will it be good to donate again?”