Apparently Max Ehrich Is Dropping A Single This Week

And it'll be about Demi

It’s looking like the Demi Lovato/ Max Ehrich drama is far from over. As it has been reported that Max is planning on dropping a single this Friday.

TMZ have shared the news, saying that sources close to Max have said that the song will be all about his relationship with Demi.

It seems as though Max is having a particularly hard time getting over his breakup, as just yesterday it was reported that he returned to the beach where he proposed to Demi and cried.


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But, we suppose he has a right to release his own song, given that Demi has already dropped hers which hints at their relationship and break-up. Her song ‘Still Have Me’ touches on their break up, with lines like:

“I’m a mess and I’m still broken/But I’m finding my way back/And it feels like someone’s stolen/All the light I ever had/Like the world disappeared/And I’m laying right here/While the silence is piercing/And it hurts to breathe/I don’t have much but at least I still have me.”


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When exactly Max’s song was written is unknown, but it is being reported that it will touch on when they first met, how quickly he fell for her, and how good their relationship was – yikes.

While Max’s album won’t be out until next year, this single will apparently be released this Friday, with it being reported that Max wants to get it out there now because of how he feels.

Well, this will certainly be interesting.