Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Fake Tan?

A few little changes to your routine can make a huge difference


The world of self-tan can be daunting. With hundreds of different brands, products and what feels like a million different shades to choose from it is no wonder we sometimes end up looking more Oompa Loompa than golden goddess. It can take some learning to get your tan just right, so lets take a look at some mistakes you may be making.


  1. Sweat

Okay, so obviously you’re allowed to sweat! But, nothing removes tan quicker than a sweat session. Whether you’re planning on doing a workout or going out in the hot sun, maybe it’s best to re-plan and change your designated tanning day as the streaks will just not be worth it.


  1. Shave right before application

Whether you shave or not, doing so directly before you put on tan is a major no-no. After you shave your skin it is not only sensitive but the pores haven’t settled yet. If you’re shaving ensure you’re doing it well in advance of applying tan, otherwise the tan will settle into your pores and you will be left with darker areas and spots of darker tan.

  1. Apply to face like everywhere else

Many people treat applying tan to their face the same as everywhere else. There’s a number of reasons you shouldn’t.  Tan can get trapped in the pores on our skin and again give the appearance of blackheads, the skin in our face is different to that on the rest of our bodies and sometimes it’s best to treat it so. A great tip is mixing some tan with your favourite moisturiser and apply that way, or using one specifically for your face.


  1. Moisturise with oil

Just like sweat, oil is extremely problematic for tan. When moisturising try to use a water-based moisturiser or one that is essentially oil-free to save yourself dealing with patchy problems.

And now for some tips on how to get it right: 
  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating properly before applying tan will ensure your tan goes on evenly. Removing all the dead skin cells from your skin will ensure that the tan is going on clean fresh skin and will, in turn, fade evenly from your body. We recommend exfoliating a few hours before applying your tan to ensure that your skin is nice and clean but it is also not too sensitive to the tan.


  1. Moisturise (but not right before!)

Moisturising before and while wearing tan is extremely important to maintain that gorgeous colour for longer. Moisturising prior to putting on tan (again we recommend a few hours) means that the skin is nice and hydrated and so the tan will go on more evenly across the body. To maintain your gorgeous glow even longer we recommend moisturising throughout the time your wearing tan. If you want to add an extra little bit of colour why not try using a tinted moisturiser!

  1. Apply at night

You may think this sounds weird but applying your tan at night is a game-changer! Ensuring that you have put it on and allowed it to dry before you’ve gotten dressed into your pyjamas, going to bed and allowing it to develop is such a handy trick. Instead of spending all day awkwardly walking around the house trying not to rub off on things or break a sweat in case it causes your tan to run, allow your tan to develop overnight while you’re sleeping. What better way to wake up in the morning than to hop in the shower and have a golden glow ready to go?


  1. Wash it off if it says so!

A lot of fake tans need to be left on the skin for a couple of hours to develop before they are washed off and ready to wear. Now you may think that if you do the recommend wash off that you’re colour with fade, and in theory that is true, but not to the extent you think. Plus it is so worth it! Not only will it ensure your tan is even, it will get rid of the awful tan smell (we all know the one) and it will make sure that if any liquids are spilt on you while you have your tan on that it won’t run as you’ve already washed off any excess.

  1. Apply with a waterproof mitt

This one may seem obvious but the catch here is the waterproof part. There are countless amounts of self-tanning mitts available on the market, however even sometimes after using one we are left with orange stained hands that can last for days. Finding a mitt with an inner waterproof lining to protect your hands from the product that seeps into the mitt is your best chance at avoiding any orange handed disasters.

Now you go glow!


Words by Nicky Anderson