Ask Amie: What Are Your Top Tips For Applying Fake Eyelashes?

Your beauty questions answered, our very first question is a pretty popular one too.

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No matter how many times I try, I can’t put on fake lashes. They don’t stick, or they look crooked, or just pop off in one corner. Any tips? – Ciara, Galway.

First thing’s first, you need to make sure you’re cutting the lash band to size. If they’re too big for your eyes, they’re never gonna look good.

Next up, add a small amount of glue to the lash band, then place on your eyelid as close to your lashline as possible. When you’re placing your lashes on, it’s always best to look down into a mirror rather than straight ahead, because this actually stretches your eyelid more.


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Once you’ve placed the lash band as close to your own lashline as possible, lift the false lashes back off. This leaves you with a line of glue both on the lashes, and where you want them to stick. Wait around 30 seconds, then places the lashes on. Starting from the middle, then your inner corner and outer corner.

Having the two tacky layers of glue almost acts like a Velcro effect, so your lashes won’t be going anywhere.

If you’re still struggling, you could always go for a half lash instead. Literally cut your lashes in half, and do the same process as above but stick the lash band down from the outer corner of your eye to the middle. It might sound a bit pointless, but it makes everything easier and still looks absolutely gorgeous. Plus, you get two lashes for the price of one!

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