Ask Dr Sarah: “I’m Feeling Really Low And Unmotivated About Everything”

"I don't even want to socialize over video chat with friends"

Do you have a personal problem that you need help with? KISS is here to help, with Dr Sarah, a clinical child psychologist specialising in adolescent issues.

“Hi Sarah,

I’m feeling really low and unmotivated about everything, I’m just overwhelmed and don’t feel like doing anything. Even the simple things like exercise and even socialising with friends online just seem like too much effort. And I don’t know why. Please help.”

Steph, 15

Dr Sarah says:

“Hi Steph. It’s important to have a think about whether your low mood and loss of interest are related more specifically to all the changes around Covid19 or if there is a wider issue with your mental health in general. While some people have been really motivated and active during lockdown, others have struggled with the imposed changes. It has been particularly hard for teenagers who, developmentally, should be out with their friends and not stuck at home with their parents.

Maybe in the pre-Covid days you might have felt a little low but could lift your mood by seeing friends or doing sports. With all these outlets temporarily removed, your mood can go down and, the lower you go, the harder it is to pull yourself out. Now that restrictions are being lifted, check in with yourself and see if you start feel a bit better. If you find that your mood is still low and that you’ve lost interest in friends and activities you used to enjoy, you might think about talking to someone who can give you some guidance and support. Jigsaw has a range of excellent mental health resources and is free. is also a good resource and has a website covering all sorts of topics relevant to young Irish people, including mental health and wellbeing. If you feel that these resources don’t meet your needs and you’re still feeling low, you should visit your GP who can make a referral to a mental health specialist.


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