Ask Shelley: Is It OK To Just Use Pads When I Get My Period

"When it comes to hygiene supplies during your period, there are lots of options out there"


Periods and puberty are totally natural, but often totally confusing too. If you’re worried, curious, or questioning something in this area, we’ve got you. Nurse, midwife and all-round puberty expert Shelley is on hand to answer all your burning questions.

I haven’t gotten my period yet, but I have some pads in my room just in case. There are loads of options out there now so I am wondering if it’s okay to just stick with pads or if there is a better one – S, 13.

Shelley says:

“The classic pad is like a small piece of absorbent disposable material you place in the lining of your underwear; some pads have an adhesive underside, some pads have wings. The sizes of pads depend on how heavy your period is, and when you will be wearing it. (Some people experience heavier periods at night, or during certain times in their period, the first day or right in the middle, everyone is different). These need to be changed frequently and disposed of correctly (NOT flushed down a toilet), and can sometimes be a little messy, but are non-invasive and usually not too expensive for a box.

When it comes to hygiene supplies during your period, there are lots of options out there, and choosing one can be confusing, especially when you are only just beginning your period. Essentially, you will never learn what is “right” or “best” for you until you try it. If you think pads are the best option for you, then go for it. If you want to think about other options, the first thing to ask yourself is if you know anyone who also menstruates, and who you would be comfortable talking to about what they use; a close family member or a friend perhaps. If they have found something that they are comfortable with and know how to use, you can try that first, with some advice from them. But don’t worry if no one immediately comes to mind, all supplies come with detail instructions inside their packaging, and we are all well capable of googling- using specific and suitable search words!”

If you feel pads are best for you, give them a go. And if you feel it’s not the best option give some others a go.

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