Ask Shelley: Why Is My Period Always Irregular?

Your period problems, solved.

No matter what age we are, there are always common questions about periods. Whatever it is you’re wondering, you can be sure that someone else is in the same boat. That’s why we have midwife Shelley on hand, who’s basically a period expert, to answer all your burning questions.

“I started getting my period a little over a year ago. The thing is, I thought it would be more regular, or “normal” by now. It never comes at the same time each month, instead, it appears every now and again, sometimes with weeks in between. Why is this? When will it start coming on a certain date?”

Ciara, 15, Laois

Shelley says:

When a PWM (person who menstruate) experiences “menarche”, the medical definition of your first period, they may think their cycle, symptoms and experience will immediately regulate or is then set in stone. Unfortunately, this is simply untrue. It may take months, and for some, years to regulate. Even more unfortunately for some, their period may never regulate by itself, and they may need medication, prescribed by a GP or a gynaecologist, to regulate them. When you’re beginning to experience your period, keep track of your dates, your mood, when you bleed, and other symptoms you have throughout the month. There are lots of great free apps out there, but a notebook works just as well.

Also, a good idea would be to keep a little emergency kit with you in school, when you’re out and about, and bring it with you if you’re travelling. This may include some spare tampons/pad/your menstrual cup, some wet wipes, a change of underwear and even a spare pair of leggings if you experience heavy periods. It’s also good to bare this in mind if any other people who menstruate asks you if you have anything with you they could use. Always help someone if they’re in a period emergency, no questions asked! Rule number one of being a sound fellow menstruater.

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