Back To School Next Week? Here’s How To Make This Semester A Success

5 tips to get you through the next few weeks

After some time off school, usually, the last thing most people want to do is go back to it. But, c’est la vie, the world keeps turning and time keeps moving, and come Monday morning you’ll be back sitting in your itchy jumper at your desk.

As we move into the last semester of the school year, exams, studying, and good grades are on a lot of people’s minds. Did I do enough all year to pass my tests? Will I finish the year with good marks? are probably just some of the questions floating around your head at the minute.

Whatever happened in the semesters before now, doesn’t matter and you can absolutely put that to one side and focus on making the next month and a half a success. To do that, we have 5 top tips to keep in mind as you move forward to the last stretch of the school year.

Don’t feel defeated 

Okay, maybe you failed your Science test during Christmas exams, or maybe you didn’t keep up with the reading for English. But those things don’t mean you can’t come out on top when this semester wraps up in June. Take a look back on the areas that you think you can improve in going forward and work on those. Come Monday, you have a clean slate to start fresh so embrace it, knucle down, and make your summer carefree when you know you’ve done your best in the last school year.

Start as you mean to go on

Do you find yourself procrastinating a lot? If so, try your best to kick off the semester the right way. Instead of saying ‘oh my exams are weeks away, i’ll start studying closer to the time’, devise a study schedule one and get the ball rolling with it. You don’t have to chain yourself to your bedroom desk, but a couple 20/30 minute study sessions every now and then over the next couple of weeks will set you in a much stronger and less stressed position come the end of May.

We recomennd drawing up a schedule, giving yourself a small amount of time to study over the next couple of weeks. Highlight the areas you need to improve in and focus on, and as your exams get closer ramp up the time you spend studying. You’ll find that being organised is actually a lot better for you than last minute stress studying, and now is prime time to begin.

Ask for help 

If you’re feeling a little behind in a subject or topic, make sure you to get your thoughts heard. Although they can seem a little scary, most teachers actually want nothing more than for you to succeed and will do what they can to help you with that. Don’t be afraid to let a teacher know that you’re struggling with someone or that you need them to go over the topic again. You can put your hand up and ask politely during class or if you feel too shy to do that, simply ask your teacher for a quick chat at the end of class and organise a time when they can give you a little extra assistance in whatever you need help with.

Find a balance 

As much as school and studying is important (as we all know) so is being happy and enjoying your down time too. Sure, you can focus your attention on studies as you get into the last stretch of the school year, but be sure to treat yourself to nice things outside of school too. It could be planning a cinema trip with your bestie for the weekend, or making time to read a book you enjoy in the evenings. Your whole life doesn’t have to revolve around school and bettering yourself, when you invest in your own happiness and take time out to recharge you’ll perfom better when you’re in school-mode, so be mindful of that.

Check out your resources 

The internet is great for not only keeping you up to date on the latest TikTok tea, but also to give you access to study resources. There’s plenty of websites, apps, and social media pages that you can use to futher your studies outside of your text books. We all learn differently, and maybe for you watching someone speak Irish on their Instagram stories will benefit you more than starting at your Sraith Pictiúr. Listen to yourself and learn the ways that you work best, using that to your advantage. Websites like and are a great place to start.