Billie Eilish Fans Are Not Happy Her Merch Is So Expensive

"Just because you slap that name Billie on something does not make it worth $90+"


Billie Eilish is not only a uniquely talented singer and an impressive artist, especially considering her age, she’s also got a pretty unique style.

Billie is known for her e-girl edgy styling and baggy clothes. Of course this means that many fans want to get in on this look and try it for themselves, so her merch is pretty popular.

However, the Bad Guy singer is in hot water with fans who feel her merchandise is too expensive.

A summer collection was recently added to the Billie Eilish site, with bikinis, goggles and towels. The swimsuits and towels each cost a hefty €84.

Obviously this is a lot of money for the average gal, especially considering how little we really wear swimsuits, so you can’t even say you’d get your money’s worth.

Fans took to Twitter to call out the high prices of her new merch.

Billie’s merch has always been a huge hit with fans, but many pointed out that the original items were a bit more specific to Billie’s style rather than something random with her name printed on it.

Fans even began joking about the fact that Billie’s name is all over the products, leading them to create their own ‘merch’.

Billie previously had some merch with Urban Outfitters which was a huge success as well as a collab with H&M. Here’s hoping she brings back some of the OG merch and fan-friendly prices!

Of course, Billie’s style is pretty easy to replicate at home. Just hunt your favourite charity shops and master her style for a fraction of the price.  Check out how to nail the Billie Eilish look, here.