Billie Eilish Says She Is Beginning Her Adulthood In Trailer For Her Annual Vanity Fair Interview

Billie Eilish (2021 Version)

It’s that time of year again, Billie Eilish is returning to the Vanity Fair YouTube channel to answer the same few questions she’s answered for the past five years.

The singer has done the same interview, now soon to be five times and she watches her old answers while giving fans an updated account of where she’s at each year.

It is so interesting to see how she has evolved, through her career, mentally and physically over the past five years. Of course, it is expected that she will have gone through some changes, as she enters her adult years.

In the trailer for the newest instalment of the interview the singer reflects on her confidence in 2019 and how she feels that she is now leaving her teenage years behind.

“I’ve been good, I mean, I’m starting to have an adulthood, which is new for me,” she said.

Billie has definitely shown a more grown up side to herself in the last year, swapping her oversized baggy clothes for more form fitting, styles as well as maturing in her music.

We also see a big physical difference with her hair transformation in the past year, no more black with green roots, Billie’s blonde cut is a big change from the last time she filmed.

We cannot wait to catch up with Billie again this year, the new interview premiere’s on November 30th, but if you have yet to catch up on the rest, here’s the 2020 edition.