Billie Eilish Speaks Out About Those Paparazzi Pics Everyone’s Sharing

"It just brings me peace, puts my mind at ease."

Imagine your favourite thing to wear was baggy oversized clothes, and that choice was all people wanted to talk about? For Billie Eilish this has been a huge conversation constantly surrounding her and her rise to fame.

With the media being obsessed with women’s bodies, and how big or small they are, people were curious as to what her body shape was like beneath all the layers. It’s pretty unusual for a young woman in the music industry to be as covered up as Billie, and it’s been a total breath of fresh air.

Billie has always spoken out against this constant obsession from the media and that as a musician , what her body looks like shouldn’t be what everyone wants to talk about.


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So, when earlier this week paparazzi shared pictures of Billie heading out to get a coffee in LA, wearing a more fitted outfit than usual, the internet went nuts.

In the snaps Billie is wearing a fitted tank top and shorts, and for the first time her body shape is visible, and guess what? WHO CARES?

Billie has responded to the conversation online in a recent Q&A on her Instagram stories.


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In the Q&A a follower asked her; “How do u remain so confident & positive through all the judgement & opinions of others?”

Billie responded, seemingly unfazed by all the conversations surrounding her body; “To be honest with you and I’m not even joking at all, I just think about the fact that i’m gonna die eventually.”

“It just brings me peace, puts my mind at ease.”

Clearly Billie thinks there’s far more important thing to be thinking about than what she looks like going for coffee.