Bored? Here’s How You Can Still Have The Craic With Your Friends When Social Distancing

It may not be IRL, but it's the next best thing.

While we’re all indoors and keeping our distance from the outside world, we’re still all missing our friends, distant family, and our regular routines. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have the absolute craic with our friends, right? It may not be the same as calling round to their house or meeting up to go to the cinema, but right now, it’s the next best thing.


If you haven’t downloaded Houseparty yet, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect way to get all your friends together to hang out, get the latest goss and make your big plans for when our day to day lives go back to normal, all virtually, of course. Sure, at this rate, it’s kind of like you’re all in the same room anyway.

Start A Distant Book Club

We could very well fill our days with studying and Netflix-ing alone, but sometimes picking up a good book is exactly what we need. Start a FB Chat with a few of your friends where you can all decide on one book (if you all don’t have the actual copies, you can always download ones on your phone or Kindle, some are free or for as little as 99 cents) and share all your latest thoughts in the group, try to keep the spoilers to a minimum though. Check out this post for tips on reading more, plus four books you won’t be able to put down. 

Netflix Party

There’s only so much solo binging you can do, right? Well, with Netflix Party, we can still join our friends to watch our fave shows, while staying safe indoors. The ‘Netflix Party’ Google extension will sync each person’s screen, so you and your friends are watching the same show or movie together in entirely different locations. There’s even a chat box, so you can all have your say on what’s going on, and whether the show is a yay or a nay. Ideal, really.

TikTok Dance Comps

It’d probably be a lot more fun to learn the latest TikTok dances with your friends, but instead, why not pick a dance you can all learn? Each of you can try it out in your own homes, then the first to set the dance down to a tee wins. Think of it as a way to keep dancing with your friends, while creating that sweet, sweet, TikTok content.

Study Groups

Not exactly the most exciting thing, but it still has to be done. At the end of your at-home school day, video chat one of your friends who is taking the same classes and give each other a little pop quiz on your subjects. We swear, it makes studying that bit more fun and the facts will probably stay in your head even better.

Get Creative

Whether it’s making the ultimate playlist for your friend or filming a baking demo (check out these delish dessert recipes), you can still find ways to share your favourite things with the gals or send a little something their way as a gift (that playlist, maybe?) for their upcoming birthday or just because.

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