Britney Spears Deletes Instagram Account Days After Engagement News

She shared the reason behind it but some fans aren't buying it.

Britney Spears has disappeared from Instagram, just days after some positive news.

The singer got engaged over the weekend to boyfriend Sam Asghari and shared the news on Instagram.

However, days later, her Instagram is completely gone.

This led to fans worrying about her welfare, after months of legal battles and discussion over her conservatorship.

However, she’s shared the reason behind it over on Twitter.

The star stressed that all was well and that she was simply taking some time to enjoy her special time with Sam.

Many shared their support with Britney and welcomed her taking a break from Insta.

“EXACTLY!!! enjoy your engagement with the love of your life.” one person wrote.

Another follower added: “We love you SO much Britney, enjoy your time off of social media and REALLY enjoy celebrating your engagement with Sam!”

However, some were suspicious about Brit’s Instagram being gone.

“We’re not buying it. it’s her team who deleted her account cause they didn’t like that one post she made Abt the conservatorship and now they posted that on her Twitter so we won’t be suspicious and who tf deletes their account when taking a break?” one person wrote.

Another said: “so your ig is your most direct way to communicate with your fans but you decide to deactivate and share the news on twitter????”

Here’s hoping Britney is taking some time away from the internet to enjoy her happy news.