Bryce Hall Has Posted His First Insta Snap Since He Was Arrested

And he doesn't seem too bothered



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Bryce Hall has posted his first Instagram snap since being arrested earlier this week, and it kind of looks like nothing has changed for him.

The social media star was reportedly arrested earlier this week for drug possession, along with his friend Jaden Hossler. But, it looks like Bryce isn’t going to be addressing the situation anytime soon, judging from his latest insta post.


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Sharing a side by side of himself, Bryce holds up his middle fingers on a tennis court with the caption ‘be grateful’ underneath. What the picture actually has to do with being grateful though, we don’t know, but whatever keeps you going, Bryce.

The picture isn’t exactly the first time the Tik-Tok star has posted since his arrest, with both Bryce and Jaden tweeting ‘Hi’ ‘I’m back’, on Twitter but shortly after deleting the tweets.


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The boys did go on to pay their respects to George Floyd, who died earlier in the week.

But, other than that there has been radio silence from the two, with no sign of any ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Let me explain’ videos being uploaded to YouTube yet.

So, what exactly the two did to be arrested, how they were arrested, and who it was that bailed them our still remains a mystery, but we will keep you updating in the meantime!

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