Bryce Hall Reacts To Addison Rae Kissing Tanner Buchanan

Let's just say he's not impressed...

The MTV Movie awards kicked off last night and it was quite the show.

One of the most notable moments was when Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan locked lips right on stage!

The pair who are set to star in Netflix movie He’s All That, came together on stage to present the award for Best Kiss.

While doing so, the pair packed on the PDA themselves with a big smooch.

The award for Best Kiss actually went to Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline from Outer Banks, who happen to be dating IRL. They also shared a kiss on stage in celebration, but I suppose, as a known couple, it was less shocking Addison and Tanner…

Of course, all eyes were on Bryce Hall’s social media channels to see if he’d react to his ex Addison kissing someone else.

At if it tweet is anything to go by, he wasn’t exactly impressed.

“Sucks, but moving on” he wrote around the time of the kiss.



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