Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes Responded To Those Break Up Rumours In The Best Way

Which was basically, not at all.

It seems like break up rumours follow this couple around, but not to worry, all is okay with our fave celeb pair. The break up rumours sparked when Camila and Shawn walked the Grammys red carpet alone. Of course, everyone presumed and waited for the moment the two walked the red carpet together, but it just didn’t happen. Then, the internet jumped to a break up, as it does.

But rather than causing fuss, both Camila and Shawn just let those nasty rumours fade away. What actually happened was that Shawn arrived first and walked the carpet solo, then Camila arrived a little later with her dad as her date.

Basically, Camila wanted the focus to be on her and her dad, not her and Shawn, because she was dedicating her Grammys performance to her dad. She chose to sing ‘First Man’ on the night, which was of course written for her dad, who was “first man who really loved her.” How cute!?

Then, at the Grammys after party, it was pretty clear that Shawn and Camila are happier than ever, with plenty of dancing, lols and PDA. Naturally. So no break up here!


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