Can’t Use Tampons? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry

You're certainly not the only one, and it's important to find what suits you best!

When you first get your period, and even for years after, you’ll probably have plenty of questions. Because let’s face it, there’s a whole lot to know.

But one question that seems to pop up again and again, and again, is ‘why can’t I use tampons?’

If you’ve ever wondered that question to yourself, don’t worry. You’re certainly not the only one, and it’s important to find what suits you best!

Usually, when someone begins their period they’ll start with pads and then move onto tampons or menstrual cups some time later.

If you would like to make the swap to tampons, but just can’t get the hang of them, it’s worth chatting to someone who has used them before. Someone you trust, like your mam, an older sister or an auntie.

You can also find written instructions within the packaging, and videos online (be careful what you enter into the search bar!) if you don’t feel comfortable asking someone.

Plus, try tampons with an applicator, as they’re usually easier to insert.

But still, plenty of people will struggle with tampons. One of the biggest reasons? You get tense, and the muscles inside your vagina tense up – making it harder to insert the tampon.

If this is what’s happening to you, there are some things that you can try. It’s easier said than done, but getting your body to relax is a big factor. Try breathing practices, or even having a bath, anything that you find relaxing (every little helps, after all).

But if that’s still not working for you, don’t worry. It’s completely normal, and if you’re happy with using period pads then that’s all that matters.