Struggling To Sleep? Try These Simple Steps

Is there anything worse than checking the time and seeing you haven't slept a wink!

If you’ve tried counting sheep and you’re still not catching enough Z’s, it could be time to reassess your sleep routine.

Stop the study

Doing homework snuggled up in your duvet deffo takes the sting out of things, but it could be affecting your sleep. Keep your bed for sleeping and your desk for studying. If you can work in a different room, even better. If not, designate a separate area within your room as a study zone that doesn’t involve your leaba. Maintain boundaries.

Sign Out

It’s totally tempting to check in on the latest goss right before bed, but it is detrimental to nodding off. Studies have shown that glowing blue light of a tablet or phone makes it harder to fall asleep, not to mention how five minutes on Instagram can easily descend into an hour. Set yourself a screen curfew and aim to shut off all TVs and techie stuff one hour before bed-time. Use this time to wind down. Have a bath, paint your nails and get your clothes ready for the next day.

Make sure your room is the right temp and put down your phone!
Check your temp

Heat totally affects your sleep so you have to be aware of your own body. Between 2 am and 4 am our body temperature is at its lowest, but when you have your period, your overall temp is higher. The ideal situation is a warm bed and a cool room. Make sure your room gets some air during the day and that your bed has a few layers for you to adjust later on.

No more party naps

Sometimes all you want when you get home from a long day at school is to flake out on the sofa, but napping after 4pm will seriously interfere with your ability to sleep later on. If you’re in this routine already, it will be really difficult to soldier on, but try and persevere. If you really can’t resist, set your alarm for a 20-minute power nap and then snap to it.

Watch your intake

Be careful with what you eat and drink before heading to bed because it has a direct effect on your shut-eye. From caffeine jitters to indigestion, be aware of the science and you can make some clever slumber swaps. A glass of hot milk will help you fall asleep, just don’t add cocoa – it’s a stimulant that will keep you awake. Avoid cheese before bed, as rich, fatty foods are hard to digest and cause a fitful rest. Ever hear that cheese gives you nightmares? That’s why! Swap fizzy drinks and tea for decaffeinated or herbal infusions.

5 hours before

Exercise – Remember the feeling you get after a heart-raising workout? Well, that’s not the kind of buzz you want right before bedtime. Give your body time to relax!

4 hours before

Eat dinner – digesting food takes time and you don’t want the energy spiked by this activity to interrupt your sleep.

90 minutes before

Treat yourself – to a luxurious bubble bath. The drop in temperature from warm bath to brr bathroom will make your eyelids droop.

60 minutes before

Shut down – all techie stuff. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Write down concerns if you need to vent, but don’t try to tackle solutions now.