Charli D’Amelio Has Been Accused Of Buying Her Followers

The teen hit a hundred million followers after some controversy earlier this month

Charli D’Amelio hit her desired milestone of 100 million followers on TikTok this week.

The dancer has had a rapidly growing following over the last 12 months, going from 1 million to 100 million within the year.

But now, a TikTok video which claims she bought her followers is going viral.

A video by @Kissmyashleyy has over 5.4 million views and it shows several people sifting through Charli’s newest followers. Many of the accounts are blank, and when they click into the accounts’ following list, Charli doesn’t show up.

@kissmyasshleyyCharli getting canceled for no reason rn abt this snail stuff BUT look @ her followers & some aren’t following her. Who can explain 😳 ##fyp ##charli♬ original sound – ash

Another video shows spikes in followers every minute on the 20-second mark, which some people find suspicious.

After the videos went viral, many commented on Charli’s videos accusing her of buying followers.

“it’s the buying followers for me,” one person wrote.

“lol nice job buying followers” another said.

And on a paid ad with Amazon, someone wrote: “that’s the box of followers she bought”

Charli came under fire earlier this month for complaining about not having hit 100m yet in a video. This resulted in a loss of over a million followers, but she quickly bounced back and reached 100 million!

Whether she bought followers or not, it’s great to see Charli’s work pay off, but it’s also really important to remember that followers are never a measure of how special or important you are.


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