Charli D’Amelio Opens Up About Feeling Overwhelmed And Leaning On Her Family

The D'Amelio family are shedding light on the consequences of fame that aren't always talked about.

If you’ve watched The D’Amelio Show, you’ll know that TikTok fame isn’t all red carpets and dancing, the show brilliantly depicts how tough being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age is on someone’s mental health.

We see both Charli and Dixie get real about haters, feeling down and needing to take a break, which is extremely important especially to show fans the realistic side to fame.

In a press conference about the show, Charli opened up about how she handles being a public figure at 17;

“I think [Dixie] definitely handles it a little bit better than I am. I think I definitely get overwhelmed very easily, which is something that I’m working on actively. But I think at the end of the day, I definitely lean on the people around me to help me out.

“My family’s great. They’re always there for me and everyone kind of understands that about me, which is really, really great, even the people that watch me. They they know sometimes I get overwhelmed. So they’re very comforting as well…


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“I feel like just really learning and taking what you’ve done and changing to make my life easier, but also to make everyone else’s lives around me easier. That’s something that I’m obviously still learning how to do. I’m not perfect at this and I’ve never claimed to be so. I mean, it does get stressful at times, but I think at the end of the day, I have people that will always love me and always support me. And I have them no matter what.”

In the show we see Charli become exhausted by her non-stop schedule and need to take a break from everything, even filming.


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Her parents Heidi and Marc are also new to fame, or being parents of two of the most famous girls in the world. Naturally, it’s hard for them to see their daughters go through hard times. In the press conference Marc spoke about how he navigates the hard times as a parent;

“You know, our job as parents is to protect them, and the balance is sometimes you have to protect them from themselves and you get to know when to push a little bit and when to back off.

“It’s a tough thing to do because we have to I have to look at them 10 years from now. And as we’re guiding them, we have to look at them in the face and say, hey, did we do the best job as parents navigating through this incredible opportunity? And it’s something we’re learning every day.

“But I think with just, you know, love and support and it sounds it sounds cliche. I think that’s that’s the the the groundwork to help them do well throughout this process. And that’s what we’re here for.”


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If you haven’t watched The D’Amelio Show yet we recommend you do, it’s interesting to see the tough side of fame and how someone who was thrown into the spotlight during a pandemic is managing the life adjustment.