Cringe… I Smashed A Mirror With My Shoe At Hip-Hop Lessons

Plus two more shocking stories!


Welcome to Cringe! Where you, the lovely reader, share with your most embarrassing moments with us. Whether it’s an awkward encounter with your crush or your clumsiest moment to date, we can’t help but giggle at your misfortunes. Here are our top picks this week…

Food Face

One Saturday afternoon I was getting food with my friends and there was a group of gorgeous lads sitting near us. The girls made me go up and order the food because they wanted to stare at the guys, so reluctantly I walked past the boy’s table. While I was at the counter, one of the staff cleaned the floor and on my way back – you guessed it – I fell right on my snot. The food ended up going everywhere including my face. I think I was in such shock I went pale instead of red!

Embarrassed, Westmeath

Get Ripped

We were on our way to the shopping centre after school one day and some of my brother’s friends were hanging out near the entrance. I have this thing about walking past a group of guys, so to avoid them I climbed over the waist-height railings into the carpark. I’m not exactly the tallest girl in the world, so as I tried to climb over the railings my trousers got caught and the seam at the bum ripped. I was never so embarrassed in my whole life, I don’t even know what I was thinking! Now those guys make ripping noises every single time I see them.

Morto, Dublin

So Smashed 

During the summer, me and my best friend joined a hip-pop dancing club. The first day I wore baggy tracksuit bottoms and loose heavy Timberland boots. The studios were very cool and the whole front wall was made up of mirrors so you could see yourself dancing. We stood in the front row and I was having a great laugh, and thought I was great. Then I did a powerful kick that sent my boot flying, and it hit and shattered the mirror! I was so mortified that I collapsed into a fit of giggles, which the dance teacher did not appreciate! I got up, grabbed my boot, and walked quickly out of the studio leaving behind a broken mirror, and tons of gazing faces!

Buying new shoes, Dublin