Curtis Pritchard Says He’s Being Ghosted By Tommy Fury Who Won’t Reply To His Texts

Their bromance was one of the best relationships on Love Island.


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With no sign of a winter Love Island, and questions about whether the summer one will take place at all due to the pandemic, we’ve been reminiscing on the last few years of the show.

One of the most memorable relationships on the show was actually a platonic one, between Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard.

Their friendship was pretty wholesome and iconic, with quotes, memes, video tributes and even calls for the pair to win the show. This is why we’re pretty devo to have to tell you that Tommy and Curtis, are no longer two peas in a pod.

On the podcast AJ v Curtis, Curtis shared with his brother AJ that he and Tommy haven’t spoken in recent months. Sob!

“If you want the honest, honest truth. I haven’t spoken to him in ages actually,” he shared.

“I got a new phone and I lost his number. I have messaged him on Instagram a couple of times but I’ve been pied off by him.

“I’ve messaged Tommy and he hasn’t replied. We are friends but we haven’t spoken in a while.”

Curtis then added “I do remember Tommy was never good at replying when we did Boxer and Ballroom Dancer,” referring to their recent show that had both Tommy and Curtis swapping jobs.

“I remember Chloe who was his dance partner was messaging Tommy saying ‘where are you? You are an hour late for rehearsals’ – and absolutely nothing came back from Tommy. He wasn’t even there, I think he was in bed sometimes.”

Maybe since Curtis split with Maura, Tommy and Molly-Mae have sided with her in the breakup? Or maybe it’s nothing at all, and he really is just bad with his phone.

Hopefully Curtis won’t take it too personally, and maybe Tommy will find out about these comments and send Curtis a grand gesture to make it up to him. We are not ready for this bromance to end.


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