Dear 16-Year-Old Me: Presenter Blathnaid Treacy

"Every teen feels like this, especially girls..."

Each week, we chat to some of our favourite well-known people about what they’d say to their teenage self. They get open and honest about what their teens were like and share the advice they’d give for the future.

This week’s letter is from Blathnaid Treacy. The presenter currently hosts Official Chart Show on 2fm and is a reporter for the Today Show on RTE.

In her letter, Blathnaid opens up about her insecurities, life lessons and important advice.

“Dear Blathnaid

As a teen you were self-conscious, insecure but also happy, you have great friends and are growing up in a great town!

The best part of being a teen was the endless possibilities that lay ahead, right now you love the spontaneity of just deciding at the drop of a hat that you’ll do something or go somewhere, everything has to be planned now!

The hardest part about being a teen was feeling insecure, every teen feels like this, especially girls. Our hormones and bodies are changing so much, you’re growing up but you still need to be looked after by your folks, it’s a challenging time, but we all get through it!

You went to two schools, you found the first school hard, you’re dyslexic and you went to an Irish school from 1st – 3rd year, you just feel like I was the bottom of the class, your confidence was at an all-time low. When you changed schools you’re like a new person; you practically know my whole year already so your best friends are in this school. You really flourished in this new school in terms of confidence and just feeling happier.

When you grow up it will all be great, life is ever-changing, enjoy the moments as they are happening.

Lots has changed since you were 16! You’re more secure and sure of yourself. You’re happy and life is complicated sometimes but that’s ok. There’s no such thing as a problem, it’s just coming up with a way to get around it!

What has not changed is people – people stay the same, we have the same insecurities and juvenile issues as always, but you can look past these issues and focus on all the positives that life brings. There’s always a curve ball around the corner, but you just get through it and begin to enjoy the quiet moments much more.

My biggest piece of advice to my teen self would be this: Break the rules, get in trouble and laugh! Life is short, go with the flow and be really nice to everyone, you don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives. Don’t take things so seriously, you have amazing friends, spend as much time as possible with them! Stop worrying about what other people think, they aren’t thinking about you because they are too busy worrying about what you think of them too!


Blaithnaid xx


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