Dear 16 Year-Old Me: Singer, Songwriter Eve Belle

"Be kind to yourself. It’s going to be okay."


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Each week, we chat to some of our favourite well-known people about what they’d say to their teenage-self. They get open and honest about what their teens were like and share the advice they’d give for the future.

This week we’re chatting to Eve Belle, a singer and songwriter from Donegal. Eve is set to take part in Songs from An Empty Room this Saturday, June 25th on RTE 2. It’s a night of epic performances with a host of Irish artists in venues across Ireland. 

In her letter, Eve talks about dealing with pressure, the importance of music, finding happiness, and her love for spice bags.

Dear Eve,

You’re always trying your hardest, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. Making questionable choices, both in terms of fashion and dating. Worrying a lot. Laughing a lot. Writing lots of music.

Spend time with your friends. You may not know it now, but you won’t get this much uninterrupted time with them again. You should cherish that time. Enjoy it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t throw it away because of your insecurity. Accept that you are liked, loved and wanted. Don’t be so shy.


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There’s a lot of pressure. From every angle. That doesn’t really go away. You’re still learning to deal with it in your twenties. Right now, for you, life is all about big decisions. Those decisions are important, and a misstep feels like the end of the world. You will continue to make missteps but you will quickly learn that it’s not the end of the world. You will learn that you are able for anything that’s thrown at you, that you’re resilient and that you can laugh at yourself. Those are skills that are going to carry you through. Don’t doubt yourself.

School for you was good, straightforward. You like your schoolwork. You like music more. Don’t worry about that, it’s never going to change. Go to that concert you want to go to, your homework will get done one way or another. Take a break and breathe. You will have passions much greater than the Leaving Cert in your life. It’s not the be-all and end-all and it should not be treated as such. Enjoy your life.

When you grow up it will all be the same, but different. The same pressures from different angles. You’re going to learn so much, and have so many incredible experiences. You’re going to meet amazing people and some not-so-amazing people. You’re going to learn something from all of them. You’re going to learn things from yourself. You’re going to grow. Give it time, let yourself experience everything, the ups and downs, the love and the heartbreak. Don’t shift anyone in a field. You deserve better. Raise your standards.


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You’re stronger, you cut your hair, pierced your nose and got some tattoos. You lost some weight and put some on and lost it again. You don’t really care anymore because other things make you happy. One of those things is a spice bag. You have learned not to let anything get between you and the spice bag. This is an important lesson.
Nothing has changed about you and your music. It’s still the place you go to breathe. It always will be. You’re still a massive emo, you have just learned to hide it better. Don’t worry, My Chemical Romance get back together eventually. Relax. It’s all going to happen. You’re going to be fine. Please believe me when I say you’re going to be fine. Be kind to yourself. It’s going to be okay.
Eve x

Songs from An Empty Room airs Saturday, June 25th on RTE 2, RTE 2fm and RTE Player from 8.30pm. 

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