Denim Diaries: 5 Of The Most Popular Jean Styles You Should Know

Need some tips for bagging the perfect pair? We've got you!

Before lockdown hit, they the perfect wardrobe staple (jeans and a nice top, we miss you!). Although we’re now wearing cosy clothes, like PJs and joggers most of the time, there’s still nothing better than a good pair of jeans.

But are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the options in the denim department? There seems to be an endless list of styles and shapes and it can be tricky to find the perfect pair – but not anymore!

If you’re lucky enough to live close to a charity shop and happen to find your perfect pair, we’re more than jealous. But right now, we’re rounding up the most popular jean trends rn to make it a bit easier to decide!

Mom Jeans

Thanks to all the American Moms who rocked this high waisted, slouchy style jeans in the ’80s and ’90s for giving us this now super trendy style!

Originally seen as unflattering and ‘uncool’ by many, this style is having a serious moment and can be seen on celebs such as Gigi Hadid in her off-duty days.

Wear with: Comfy runners and an oversized jumper for a laid back but on-trend look


Also known as bell-bottoms, this style features a slim or fitted top half above the knee and kicked out bottom around the calf.

Take inspiration from the boho-chic style of the ’70s and pair with a flowy, off the shoulder top and strappy sandals or keep it casual but classy with a plain t-shirt and boots – the drama from the jeans will do all the talking!

Style inspo: Check out Harry Styles and Selena Gomez rocking this look for serious inspiration

Donna High-Waisted Flare Jeans €20.00 

Straight Leg

With the width of each leg being completely even from hip to ankle, these easy to wear jeans offer the comfort and ease of mom jeans but with clean lines and symmetry, giving a more tailored look but with breathing room!

Look out for: Cute details like raw hems or cropped versions to add a little edge to these everyday jeans.

Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans €27.99

Skinny Jeans

Probably the most popular style in the past decade (with a lot of rivalry from looser fitting styles in the past couple of years), the tight-fitting skinny jeans enjoyed their moment of popularity by being made available in a range of different colours, ripped and high-waisted styles.

Fit tip: Be sure to opt for stretchy versions of skinny jeans – you want them to hold their shape and fit your body comfortably. Try giving the fabric a little stretch first to see what you think!

                                           ONLROYAL REGULAR SKINNY FIT JEANS €29.95


The biggest trend for jeans right now is the “distressed” look, which is basically any type of fit (such as the ones already mentioned) but ripped with raw hems and loose threads.

This look is a great one to try as you can choose the shape of jeans that you feel most comfortable in but choose a distressed alternative.

Top tip: If you’re going to DIY this look, make sure you don’t try it with new jeans or your favourite pair. The first time you do it it’s likely to go wrong, so always be careful.

light blue wash riot vintage distress mom jeans €28.99

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Words by Kaia Purcell