Disappointed With Your Leaving Cert Results? Here’s What You Do Now

From sitting the exam to second place offers...


After a strange, stressful and ever-changing Leaving Cert plan, the results are officially out today.

The Leaving Cert this year was based on predictive grades instead of the usual exam approach, due to the pandemic.

Results for the 6th years are out today, and while many will be happy with their grades, some may be disappointed, and that’s okay.

Here’s what you can do:

“I’m not happy with my results”

If you’re unhappy with your results you have two options, the first one is that you can appeal the grade. You can do this by logging into the Calculated Grades Student Portal and selecting the grades you want to appeal. Alternatively, you can sit the exam in November, which will be more like that Leaving Cert you had been working towards in 5th year and the start of 6th year.

If your points go up after the appeal, your University/IT of choice may offer you a place, but if it’s full, you can choose to defer and start next September/October instead.

“I’ve decided to sit the exam”

If you decide to sit the LC in November it will take place on the 16th during evenings and weekends. You do not have to sit every subject and can pick the ones you want to sit. If you get a higher mark in the exam, this will become your new mark, but if it’s lower than your predicted grade, you’ll hold onto the predicted one instead. If the exam means you have enough points for your course, you may be offered a place for September 2021, as the course will have already started by November.

“I got enough for my third choice”

First of all, a huge congrats on getting one of your choices! If you want it, you can accept it online. If you don’t want to accept the course you’ve been offered, you can wait for round two offers, an offer for a course higher on your CAO may come up at this point, or you may get an offer in October by Available Places, whereby a course continues to offer places until the course is full. However many courses are full before this point.

“I’m just really dissapointed and worried”

Sadly there are students every single year who are dissapointed by their results. The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t define you as a person, or have anything to do with your worth or intelligence. Sometimes people don’t do well in school exams or assignments and that’s okay. If you’re worried about what this means for your future, talk to someone who cares about you. A parent, older sibling or teacher will be ready and waiting to talk to you about all your fears and sadness. It’s so importnat to speak openly and honestly to an adult about this because they can logically talk you through the next steps, and options you have.

You can also reach out to helplines like text service 50808 and Samaritans on 116 123.

What you need to remember most of all is that your Leaving Cert does not define you, especially not in a difficult year like this one. Many people who weren’t happy with their LC go on to do wonderful things with their life, and you will too.


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