Do New Cosy Pics Of Liam Hemsworth And Gabriella Brooks Mean Things Are Getting Serious?

He's off the market ladies, sighhh!

After countless rumours, news updates and spicy pap pics,  it looks like heartthrob Hemsworth is officially dating Gabriella Brooks.

The Australian beauty and The Hunger Games star have been captured all over social media the past few months looking cosy and cute. We aren’t jealous at all, right?!

Although we may have been slightly heartbroken when Liam and Miley Cyrus filed for divorce after their whirlwind marriage, we can’t help but feel somewhat happy for Liam to have a new gal in his life. After all, Miley has moved on with singer Cody Simpson.

Snapped back in December, Brooks met his fam for lunch in Byron Bay and even celebrated NYE with him. Getting to meet the parents this early is a major step, so things most be getting very serious already.

And if that wasn’t enough, yesterday the hot pair were spotted kissing at Byron Bay. We have all the proof we need now tbh!

In comparison with Miley and her new love interest, Liam has kept his dating life quite hidden from the outside world but this update on his new romance is major news. It also shows how much he likes this new gal, especially if he’s looking as happy as ever alongside the Aussie beauty in public.

So far, so good! Let’s hope both Miley and Liam have found love again because everyone deserves happiness and of course its nice to see Liam smile again!


Words: Hayley Doherty