Do Silk Pillowcases Really Work? And Other Trending Haircare Products

Gorgeous gorgeous girls look after their hair

Haircare is huge this year. Who would have thought 2021 would be the year of realising just how important it is to take care of our locks? Maybe we can thank ‘Gorrila Glue Girl‘ for that, or maybe the rise of ‘hair care TikTok’ – whatever’s caused the surge we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

Beginning 2022 as we mean to go on, we’re ready to dedicate the next 12 months to getting our hair in tip-top shape, and there’s plenty of trending products on TikTok claiming to do just that. From silk hair accessories to miracle masks, we’re taking a look at them all and putting them together to create the ultimate hair care checklist.

Silk Pillowcases 

We’ve seen silk pillowcases all over the place in the last year, almost every GRWM video begins with an influencer lifting their head off one, but do they actually work?

Well, according to the experts, yes. A silk pillowcase may actually be a good investment if you’re interested in looking after your hair and skin for the foreseeable. Keeping your hair smooth and moisturised a silk pillowcase creates little to no friction while you sleep, meaning your hair won’t become frizzy. What’s more, it helps to lock in hair moisture too. More common pillowcases made of materials like cotton can actually absorb up some of the moisture in your hair, silk doesn’t do this meaning if you suffer from a flaky scalp or dandruff a silk pillowcase can work wonders.

Hair masks 

Almost as popular as the silk pillowcases and scrunchies on TikTok are the hair masks. From DIY ones to super expensive ones, there’s plenty on the market to treat your tresses.

Hair masks are a great addition to add to your haircare routine. Depending on which one you use and the type of hair you have, generally, hair masks help to add moisture, boost your scalp health, and also strengthen your hair. Before you buy a hair mask do a little research, establish what bracket your hair type falls into and find a mask that suits those needs, for example if you have straight, fine hair, steer clear of masks for thick or curly hair as they’ll likely make your locks greasy. Simply read the label of whichever product you have your eye on and choose whichever one is best for you.

Heatless tools 

Hands up if you’ve been sucked in by a heatless hairstyling tutorial before? Realistically, we all have and been tempted to give it a try for ourselves. Whether or not they work is completely up to the individual, but in our experience – they do! We’ve tried them all, from socks to cloth belts, you name it we’ve thrown our hair into it, and overall the results have been great.

If you’re looking to give it a go for yourself we recommend using your heatless tool straight on clean hair. After washing it dry it on a low heat setting and wrap your hair around the products straight after. For maximum results leave it in overnight and remove it the next morning.

Scalp Massager

A scalp massager, not to be confused with the well-known head massager can be useful to exfoliate your scalp and increase circulation. Whether or not it works miracles to boost hair growth is still completely up for debate as tests are being carried out on this new contraption.

The scalp massager can be used on dry hair, it can be used in conjunction with a scalp oil, or it can be used in the shower to work in your shampoo, with no limit to how often you can use it. So even if it doesn’t do much to give us hair as long as Rapunzel’s the massage is nice anyway – win-win!