Double Cleansing: Is It Actually Necessary?

Are you a double cleanse fan, or nah?

In the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of talk around double cleansing. But is it a necessity, or just another skincare fad? Long story short, it’s absolutely a must-do step in your skincare regime. Even if you haven’t perfected your skincare regime just yet (it takes a while, trust us), start off with double cleansing and you’re on the right foot.

Why Do It?

Basically, in short, double cleansing makes sure that your skin is perfectly clean. The first cleanse takes off the majority of your makeup and any ick and grime that you picked up during the day. The second cleanse then takes off the more stubborn makeup (you’ll be surprised at how much is left when it looks like your skin is clean) and any other bits of oils or dirt (again, you’d be surprised!). I was read Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, explain double cleansing in the best way, “would you wax and polish up your car without cleaning it first? No!”. Now, not that I own a car myself, but it’s true, I would not polish my imaginary BMW without cleaning it first. And that really struck a cord for me.

Double cleansing your skin makes sure it’s lovely and clean, and gets rid of any grime or anything that really does not belong there. So all you have to do is add an extra two minutes to your nighttime routine. Simply take your favourite cleanser and do what you normally do, pick up your damp cleansing cloth (I swear by these, you can even pick them up in Penneys for a few €s) to rinse it off, then do it once more. Simple as!

So with the first cleanse, you basically take the day off, and the second cleanse you really clean your skin. Some people tend to use two different cleansers, but if you only have the one at the moment, there’s no massive hurry. It’s all about what works for your skin, after all.

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